Welcome to the Hidden Pictures and Words game.

This game is along the lines of Where's Waldo, or Where's Wally but instead of one picture you have to find many different ones and for three of the games you have to read the sentence first. 

They are mostly, but not all Silent / Magic E and CVC three letter English words.

This Hidden word game follows on from the Phonics and CVC games that are also available.

There are 4 levels, easy, medium and hard and an Image only version.

The objects are presented in simple sentences and using CVC, three letter or Magic / silent E words to enable children and students to practice reading these and then testing their knowledge and comprehension.

Teaching phonics in the home and the classroom is always a useful tool for students of English. It can be a challenge for children to recognize the difference between English Phonic sounds and some of the lesson programs can be a little repetitive. 
Word game apps will help break that cycle and add something different to the lesson or activity. 

I notice a lot of people have resources for teaching the phonics sounds but not so many to teach how to construct words once they have learnt those sounds. 
The Phonics word games I am making are aimed at teachers and parents to follow the little and often method of teaching these skills and phonic sounds. 

The best way to do this is not to play and play and play but to dip in once or twice a week to practice and learn. This is why i have kept them simple.

It can be used to help with spelling strategies, including sounding out, picture recognition, phonics and subject verb object forms and use of adjectives

I am an English teacher and teach literacy, reading strategies and phonics to young learners. The easiest way is to use word games and make lessons fun. This Hidden word game has been tried on my own students in their reading and phonics lessons and it makes reading much easier when they are engaged and motivated. 
I often found using phonics to be a challenge so thought I would release these apps

As I teach it is often a struggle to find something that is just a tool to help teach a point so I made these English, phonics, sentence games and grammar games. 

They are all Classroom friendly and can be played for 2-10 minutes as a part of a lesson.
Sometimes it is not about the flashy animations but about the content and that is what I hope this Hidden English word and picture game can do. 

I have found my students confidence is using English words, English grammar and English phonics has improved by being able to engage on their own, or with friends before being asked to do tasks in front of the class.
This app goes someway in supporting that skill. 

Teaching phonics can be more than just flashcards with apps like these you can watch all your students play learn and have fun at the same time!

I hope you and your students/children have fun learning with these and that you are all reading in no time!

Please check out my other word and phonic games and look for new English games that will be coming soon. 

These can be played online in classrooms on www.makingenglishfun.com

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