Welcome to the English Blends game to help you learn and practice some of the easily confused sounds in English. 

English Blends (consonant blends) can be difficult for young and second language learners, so trying to trying to teach or practice this in  a fun and interactive way will help students learn this difficult concept.

In this English game you will find four activities:

Two are matching games that ask you to match the picture and word for digraphs (Sh Wh Th Ch etc) and for consonant blends ( BR, BL, CR, CL and others) 

Two are sound matching English Games. Here you have to match the sound of the word and the written word. This is great to start to learn the sounds of these blends.

These English games are designed to be played for a few minutes in class or at home and i hope they are useful to teachers and students. 

Teaching Phonics in the home and the classroom is always a useful tool for students of English.
Using English games keeps students interested and engaged. These apps are all English games, and are designed for teachers and students to focus on the skill not just on the game.
they can be played at home and in the classroom, and please play these English games little and often. Learning English takes time and these English games are just one tool that can help achieve that. 

I am a teacher of English and do use these in my own teaching, as well as some others out there. I found that using English games and activities has much better results, students learn better when they are having fun. We all do!

The English games i am making are aimed at teachers and parents to follow the little and often method of teaching these skills and phonic sounds. 

The best way to do this is not to play and play and play but to dip in once or twice a week to practice and learn. This is why i have kept them simple.

I hope you and your students/children have fun learning with these and that you are all reading in no time!

Please check out my other English games and the ones that will be coming soon.

These can be played online in classrooms on www.makingenglishfun.com

Also available on

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