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Hello dude, I really liked your game and I am trying to create similar game for German. I know just a little bit about game development, is there any ways to contact you in private and you help me about creation of this game. It would be even cooler if you gave me the source code for the game. Thank you a lot. Please help me....

Is this Sentence game modifiable so that I can enter the vocabulary that my students are studying ? Thank you. Nice work. 


Thanks for the praise, it really helps to know its useful! 

I will take a look and see how easy it is to implement as it is a good idea, ( I am just a teacher though so not sure how easy/difficult it will be) 

Could you tell me how you spotted my game? Just wondering how people find it




Hi Marc ! Thank you for your response.  I simply did a Google search using the terms "Sentence scrabble" or something similar. Please let me know what you learn. It sure would be helpful if it was modifiable.  

Thank you again,